November 2017

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On October 25th the Bank of Canada gave its scheduled rate announcement and Monetary Policy Report Update. In this report, the Bank said, “While less monetary policy stimulus will likely be required over time, Governing Council will be cautious in making future adjustments to the policy rate”. The simple translation to this is that Bank of Canada is not in any hurry to increase rates again because there are some legitimate concerns and worries present right now.

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1. Why do people invest in private mortgages (the benefits)?
2. What are the risks?
3. What is the exit strategy?
4. What are the costs and other considerations?

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October 2017

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By now you’ve probably heard on the news that there is another round of mortgage rule changes. These rules will be effective officially on January 1st 2018. Once banks and lenders have had a chance to digest the changes, they’ll roll out what it means in terms of timing. For example, if you purchase a house on November 10th and it doesn’t close until January 15th then which rules apply?

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