January 2018

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Owning a property has the big advantage of simplicity. You own a piece of land and a building. You can see it, touch it and smell it. The land isn’t going anywhere. It’s been around forever and is a tried and true way of wealth creation.

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November 2017

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What happens to someone that desperately needs money and tries to borrow it? Either they can’t get it because their application / credit is lacking or they will be forced to pay more for it. For example, take someone who has lost their job temporarily and has fell behind on important bill payments, such as the mortgage.

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There are more forces in play today in the economy than just GDP, wages, and job numbers. In the same way that Globalization brought many more people into the workforce, from China and India in particular, we are starting to see the impacts of Amazonization too. Their superior distribution and logistics methods are delivering, quite simply, delivering things cheaper on a large scale forcing everyone to follow suite.

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