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Learning: Mortgage 101

Purchasing a house is a huge decision and the mortgage is likely the largest financial instrument you will ever have. 

Do you believe that mortgages are a simply a commodity product, such as copper or crude oil, with the only point of differentiation being an interest rate? If they were then there would be no use for mortgage professionals such as myself. Luckily they are not commodities and you would be surprised how the small print can impact your total cost and risk.

My approach is to educate and inform my clients with full disclosure.

Ready to learn?

Fixed vs Variable

Help me decide!

Title Insurance

Do I seriously have to pay for it?

Collateral Charges

Banks can be sneaky.

Closing Costs

Don't forget to budget it.


Should I get one?

Bridge Financing

Buying and selling a property.

Down Payment

Guidance on the requirements.

High Ratio Insurance

Guidance on the requirements.

Payment Frequency

How often should I pay?

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